Hiding edges of Clip Volume in a Saved View

Hello there (long time no speak)

AECOSim Connect Update 4

I've created a Clip Volume, then used that as the basis for a Saved View

Please see screenshot below

At the edges of the Clip Volume (which is turned OFF in the Saved View), there is a line, which isn't actually part of the building, or any building element. It is created when the CV clips a slab (or some other element part way through). In the screenshot these are indicated by the red 'rectangles'

N.B. There was also one at the bottom of the image, but I managed to hide that with the masking tool

I seem to recall some will back (around 20104!) at some Bentley Seminar/Presentation, it was stated that in the 'next version' the ability to remove or hide these lines would be incorporated.

Did that ever happen? If so, how does one go about doing this

Regards to all

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