Railing not extending to the end

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a custom railing, but except for the top railing, the other railings don't seem to extend to the end? They seem to be stopped by a start/end profile, but somehow not getting the right distance? My start/stop profiles are 40.0x10.0, and it stops at 20.0 from the end. Turning off the start/end profile seems to make the railing extend to the end, which makes me think that is where the problem lies. See underneath for my settings.


  • Hello Jeroen, 

    Thank you for reporting this. I am also seeing the same behavior on my end. The top railing is getting connected with the Posts but the bottom one is failed to get connected. I will check the this item with our development team to better understand why it is happening. I will keep you posted.