Catalog item / parametric cell with "Perforators"


I'm not entirely sure if I should post here or in the Microstation forum.

I have been trying to make a parametric cell - to be used as a catalog Item - for a specific type of perforator in a concrete wall. I don't want to simply use a circular standard perforator because the geometry wouldn't be correct.

So I created the parametric geometry and set the approriate shapes to be perforators:

  • White geometry is what should remain as physical objects:
    • Hollow tube/pipe
    • Rectangular plate that will act as a barrier for fluids aroud the pipe
  • Red geometry should be the perforator
    • I created 3 primitive cilinders and joined them together into 1 parametric solid

However once I place this cell in a wall element - either just as a cell or through a catalog item - no perforation is made. I tried just as a test to create a linear form through the 3D modelling and there the perforator is made.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this expected behaviour?

I'm attaching the cell itself to this post for troubleshooting/testing.Wanddoorvoeren.cel

  • Hello Johan, 

    if we have perforation defined properly then the perforation would work properly on either slab or wall. I have tried to add some placement points and still not seeing the perforation being done properly. We have custom cell created which has perforation and it works perfectly. You can refer the same for example. 



  • Hello Alifur,

    I did some more testing with both the model you provided as well as my own. Can you please explain in detail how you created the geometry?

    When I create a cell based on the geometry in your model, it works as a perforator also in my main model. I tried adding some "remaining" geometry and also that part works. Only thing is that when I place it as a cell it is rotated in some strange way.

    I went back to my own parametric cell and tried to find the difference. One thing that I can find is that I joined the 'cutting' elements together in 1 parametric solid. I tried removing this "union" and have three separate elements, but then I can't select them as perforators. Could it be so that the Perforator tool only accepts geometry of the type "Parametric Solid" and not of the type "Cilinder"? Can I Convert those primitive cilinders into a parametric solid somehow?

    Best regards,


  • Hi Johan,

    You could convert the existing primitive cylinder to a parametric solid by using the Modify Solid tool to change it in some way, or create a new one by extruding a 2D circle.

    We are adding a Parametric Solid option to the Convert to Solid tool, this will be available in OBD Update 9 and the next release of MicroStation.

    Primitive cylinders do not support perforators.



  • Thank you for the reply Marc! Couldn't an option be added in the "perforators" workflow that asks the user if he wants to convert to parametric solid? Something like that happens when editing a form as well, I think it's a good way. But then at least it wouldn't matter in which way a cilinder was modeled.

    Anyway, I also tested further by making the perforator solids with a circle, then extrude. I can make 1 perforator work, but not multiple ... I tried a lot of different variations (10 in total, see attached).

    Test 8: Two perforators, the biggest diameter (only 20mm thickness) with "hide after placement" disabled

    Test 9: "Union" of two solids, then one perforator

    Test 10: Two perforators, only one gets activated

    As you can see, in the Linear solid element (left one, in white) all perforators are activated. In the wall element (=form, right one in green) always only 1 of both cilinders is working as perforator. Even when I make a union of both elements before creating the perforator.