Catalog item / parametric cell with "Perforators"


I'm not entirely sure if I should post here or in the Microstation forum.

I have been trying to make a parametric cell - to be used as a catalog Item - for a specific type of perforator in a concrete wall. I don't want to simply use a circular standard perforator because the geometry wouldn't be correct.

So I created the parametric geometry and set the approriate shapes to be perforators:

  • White geometry is what should remain as physical objects:
    • Hollow tube/pipe
    • Rectangular plate that will act as a barrier for fluids aroud the pipe
  • Red geometry should be the perforator
    • I created 3 primitive cilinders and joined them together into 1 parametric solid

However once I place this cell in a wall element - either just as a cell or through a catalog item - no perforation is made. I tried just as a test to create a linear form through the 3D modelling and there the perforator is made.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this expected behaviour?

I'm attaching the cell itself to this post for troubleshooting/testing.Wanddoorvoeren.cel