Item types in Title Blocks

Hi All,

I can imagine a lot has been written about this topic yet, but I couldn't find my specific questions being answered so far. I read quite a bit in this blog post:

First question:

Right now I am referencing some properties of the sheet "Model" (like 'Description' and 'Sheet Size'), something from the "File" properties (the 'Title' in it's 'Extended' properties) and then some Item Type properties that I linked to the Model (and not to the geometry on the sheet). The reason to structure it in this way is to use as much as possible the pre-excisting properties. And to be able to re-use things like file properties in multiple sheets.

The drawback however is that in this way I have 2 or even 3 different places where to change/fill information. Certainly for the first sheet I make in a DGN file I have to change the File's property. Then there is the properties of the sheet model and the item data that is attached to it. I can't imagine how to explain to other users - with more limited knowledge of the software - how to do this.

Is there any way to make it more user-friendly, and keep repetitive work to a minimum? For example in AutoCAD the user can double click on a block containing those "attributes" and a window will pop up with all the attributes (which could be similar for Item Types I would think?). 

Second question:

Is there a way to make a list/table/schedule of all sheets in a file (or even multiple files) that would display those properties - and preferably let me change them, either in OBD or externally in Excel?

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