Family and parts - creation of an internal dataset with internal 2D / 3D models attachment


is there a step by step process for the creation of family and parts with associated graphical data. e.g 2D and 3D models 

YouTube doesn't seem to have anything in this so reaching out

kind regards

  • Yes.

    Create 3d drawing

    Create plan and model

    Make sure you have good origin

    Repeat over and over next cell side by side

    Example.  I have a 3d dgn file with all my plumbing cells

    Each object created starts with  line that helps identify where the origin will be.

    Then in many cases I build, borrow and modify and create a 3d object

    This I save as 2d to create A plan

    This I import back into this plan and place it on the ground level with the 3d model.

    I now have a 100 or so cells.

    Toilets different kinds and arrangements.  For example a std handicapped restroom with all 2d and 3d data minus dim.

    Now this file is easy to update and add and grow

    And as I make a 2d/3d model I create the cell and add I to the respective library.

    Toilets, sinks, tubs, showers. Kitchen sinks, etc

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  • Hi John,

    In addition to Emil's post, you may want to look at the Learn website. Lots of free material there on setting up Famility and Parts, the Datagroup System etc for Cells.

    "internal dataset with internal 2D / 3D"

    1. 'Internal dataset' I think you mean a customised 'internal' firm dataset?

    2. 'internal 2D/3D models' Not sure, do you mean Cells that have both 2/3D information... like Aecosim's Compound Cells or Revit RFAs?

    Please note that OBD is currently migrating to new functionality for parametric cells, utilising the new functionality provided in Mstn 16. High hopes for the upcoming OBD U9.