adjust color drawing view


I want to use a drawing planview as an underlay to draw some extra's who need attention.

So I want to print the complete reference in a grey color, so new added elements are more visible.
presentation of DV is set to "synchronize view: All settings

What is the best way to have this done?
If I try to adjust colors in the reference properties settings, the display is changed the way I want,
but the colors in the printed (pdf) file are not adjusted
sure, the check mark is checked near "print Adjusted Colors"
what else can be blocking the adjustment for colors

regards Rik

  • Hello Rik, 

    You can make any of your drawing view models display in grey scale when they are referenced to your sheet model by opening the drawing model after it gets created and before it gets referenced into the sheet.

    1.  Open the Level Manager and select the drawing model under the design model  in the hierarchy tree on the left side.
    2.  Change Symbology from "ByLevel" to "Overrides".
    3.  On the right side of the Level Manager, list the levels by "Used" to show the used levels at the top of the list.  Select them all and change the color to the desired grey or whatever color you want to display in your sheet model.
    4.  Close the Level Manager.
    Right click on any one of the elements displayed in the view and select "Set Referernce Presentation".
    5.  Click on "Level Overrides" under the Presentation category.  Click  OK.

    Please let me know if it helps. 

    Thanks & Regards, 
    Arindam Roy

  • Hi,

    thanks for the answer, I know haw to use the level overwrites, (I am looking for the best way to do this)

    but haw about "adjust colors" in the reference box - why is it visible on the screen and why are the colors not printed in the adjusted colors while the  checkbox is hit.

    Regards Rik

  • Hi Rik,

    Please try this:




  • Hi,

    this is what I do:

    in the drawing file I've set the adjust colors for the reference file like this:

    in the view it looks like this: (the whole reference file is seen in grey, other ref files are remaining black (wanted)
    the main file is in color)

    if i print this to pdf it looks like:

    the greyscale of the walls who were set in the ref adjust colors are black again in the pdf

    in other words the adjustment works in the view, but the print is not affected

    what can keeping the adjustment to be printed as asked?


  • the print was created in the DGN where the reference was set with the color correction.

    or was the model referenced in your plan with live nesting?

    Because only a direct print is possible in the file where the color correction for the reference was set.