Create new Catalog for Plumbing fittings

I want to know how to create new catalog for plumbing fittings like elbows, Tee, Rigids. Is there a tutorial to create this, Because the catalog that is standard installed with OBD has not the right dimensions. For example. DN100 is 114.3mm DN80 is 88.9mm DN50 is 60.3mm DN150 is 168.3mm

And when I want to connect a Tee the length of the TEE is not right. And when I select a flat cap, the dimension is not right. When I select a flat cap, the dimensions is not right.

So I want create catalog only for sprinkler installation. Because my client only use one specifaction of the pipe. And when I want to use threaded fittings these have also the wrong dimensions.

These dimensions are very important, because I design for execution of the projects. Not a preliminary design.

So if I can create these right fittings, Maybe another designer also want to use OBD.DN100 is 114.3mm and not 108.9mm

Please send me a tutorial video to do this step by step.Specification of VictaulicSpecification of VictaulicSpecification of VictaulicSpecifition of Victaulic