OpenBuildings IFC export error "No IFC File specified"


when I try to export to IFC I get this error message "No IFC File specified" and the IFC cannot be created.

I am working within ProjectWise and have a managed workspace and its when I am working in ProjectWise I get this error. It used to work fine but it may have stopped working since I installed an OpenBuildings update some time ago.

If I try to create an IFC outside of ProjectWise it works fine, so I am assuming that the managed workspace stored in ProjectWise needs to be updated. 

Can anyone help with what config files/templates are used to create IFCs, and what part of the managed workspace needs to be updated?



  • Hi Rich,

    Our first question is has your managed workspace been updated to match the OpenBuildings version that you are using? This is essential.

    Another is whether the IFC dataset extensions are available and enabled by your managed configuration? Presumably they were originally but perhaps have been disrupted by subsequent updates?