Solid Stair in OpenBuildings Showing as Wireframe in MicroStation

  1. i install open building design software and create a stair via the command as below image, you can see it shows as a solid even i change view to smooth, i save it as attachment stair.dgn
  2. select it, right mouse click menu and click Building element info to check its information as below image
  3. click button More Info to check the element information, you can see there is a "smart geometry" under cell TFSMTH and many line&arcs under cell TFVISBL
  4. open this dgn model in microstation connection, you can see the stair is shown as line as below image, but you can see the smart geometry under cell TFSMTH is lost in microstation.

So the question is:

Is it possible to show same solid in MicroStation as in OpenBuildings?  My guess is the "lost" smart solid is kind of only vertical product can understand geometry, but need experts' confirmation.