How can I activate the constraints tab on my Building Design workflow?


I wonder how can I able to activate the constraints tab on my Building Design workflow, I try to go into Customize ribbon it seems it is available but I can not see it on my ribbon interface.

Thanks in advance.

  • In OpenBuildings Designer Update 7 we added a constraints tab to OBD, mentioned in the What's New (Home > What's New > New and Changed in CONNECT Edition Update 7 > OpenBuildings Designer) but have not added that information to the Home > OpenBuildings Designer > OpenBuildings Designer Ribbons page.

    The Constraints tab only appears in OpenBuildings ribbons when creating cell content, so the condition for it to appear is that the active model properties include 'Can be placed as a Cell'. The intention is to contextualise tools so that we do not add unnecessary clutter to an already busy ribbon. I can see that this approach may not suit everyone in which case Shivam's suggestion to change the visibility is the quickest fix. 

    I have filed a help defect asking for this information to be made more prominent.



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