Composite Flooring?

I was wondering if there was anyway of drawing a composite Flooring. Basically the idea of this would be if you are needing to draw carpet you can draw the carpet plus the padding altogether. Just like the Composite Wall with all the all the parts, but it's horizontal parts not vertical parts?

  • Concrete and steel work together can be used to create a composite flooring system that has a number of advantages. Bondek sheeting is laid over steel beams. Concrete is poured over the sheeting. The addition of sheer bolts increases the spanning capacity of the beam. This type of flooring eliminates the need for temporary formwork. Visit here for more detailed information. Construction is able to continue on the slab while before it is fully cured. This minimises delays in the construction process.

  • I think you would have to model those separately for the best results. Keep in mind the amount of detail or granularity you want to include in the model. I DON'T KNOW if this would provide the best results (like to modify later, reporting, etc.) but a wall component can be drawn on it's side by rotating AccuDraw. Again, I don't know if that would be the best practice...

  • I do the composite for a roof by basically drawing a wall on its side. Good and bad but the final product is fair.

    But for slabs I have kept within the slab tool with very good results.

    Draw the floor early based upon the slab. When ready to say lets add pad and carpet or furring and planking, etc.
    Copy the slab up, change the material and then change the height, do again as needed. Now use centerlines for things like the slab so it now becomes a centerline with your PAN and concrete (you can make the cut of the pattern background in color to disappear if needed.

    The section is great. The only issue now is that some things might be cut out of the pad and carpet for example that are not cut out of the slab.

    But THAT may be where your level of detail is less as it may not be an area you create a section through.

    BUT IT SHOULD BE NOTED that the detail of that flooring is visible in a 3/4" section so should be there as that any less makes modeling too minimal to be of service.

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  • Hi Scott,
    We have an existing change request for the addition of a Compound Floors tool, please submit a Service Request if this a feature that you would like to see added to ABD.