Parametric Content Modeler..... ?

This popped up on Youtube.

Slightly concerned.... it looks like a re-incarnated PCS.

1. No spline profiles.... like PCS
2. No arrays ?
3. No real handles. The inserted 'xray screen' was still being manipulated via PCS style dimensions.
4. No booleans, cut by profile?

Will the new Content Modeler be able to incorporate normal Mstn solids, feature solids etc into the parametric object? For example, you would model the door parametrically as you would in PCS, but may want to be able to import the door handle modeled with the normal Mstn tools.

Will there be some interface to GC functionality somewhere?

I think the best thing you could about it is that it seems to be inside a Mstn environment? Albeit with a Ribbon UI. I wonder if Bentley are thinking of copying Sketchup or 123D (or GC) and offering this as a free app... to encourage people to create content?

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