European steel sections in Building Designer

We are using the Swedish data set for Structural Building Designer. The data set uses an XML file for Swedish steel profiles (other files exists for some other European countries). At least in our case there is no need to have the steel profiles in the Swedish XML file since we are pretty much only using standard European profiles (EN 19-57, EN 53-62, EN 10210 etc...). Today there is no european XML at all (or is there?). Also, the existing swedish file is legacy from Structural Modeler and would need some changes to better follow the standardised terminology.

To me, the correct way of designing the (European) data sets must be to have an European XML and append any national shapes in a national file.

This is something that’s been bothering me for a long time but became more apparent when is was trying to use ISM to exchange data between Building Designer and ProSteel. I am no expert at ISM but as far as I believe section names have to be mapped to be correct in the ISM translation. As it seems now it’s not possible to use ISM for European steel, correct?

Can any one comment on this?