Stair Issue

I have a deplyable installation on six machines and then a standard installation on my homw machine for SS4.  All set up as is without any changes to config.

The are all identical.

1.  The stairs will only do schematic and none of the other types

2.  hand rails will only do chairail and last option.  Other say error - load section file.

3.  I copied chairrail.  No issue.  Copied to handrail.  Changed rail to 1 1/2" rail.  It does not stay.  It will work but then at some point revert back.  this is for height alo.  Saved several times and no affect.

4.  Stair risers.  Select place stair and it show 14 treads and 15 risers.  change no of risers and it still shows 14 treats.

5.  Staris in U - 2 landing or sqaure 3 landing.  dialog asks whether to handve lead depart landing.  Departing is not tied to end of stair. but to 2nd or 3rd landing???  Thiought this was to add a landing to the beginning or end of an entire stair.  not the middle.

6.  Offset maybe on inside at one point and outside at another.  espeically at landings or floors.  I like the line tool, hten can mod ends and joint several.  Then extrude works better for a plan rail.  I can try the other rails yet.

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