Rob Snyder for Bentley hero?

Do we have heroes in the Bentley world?

The inventor of Accudraw C1994 - Rob Brown - was one, without doubt, apparently with much input from MS-teacher hero Keith Little - but all that happened a bit before I entered.

Robert Aish seemed the next star, but somehow 18yrs on his GC is still an unimplimented potential, which maybe Adesk will do more with, since Robert jumped ship. In 2008 Volker Mueller's brief to develop on-the-fly or what-if assessment tools (similar to IES's building energy tools maybe) seemed to me to be an ideal 'generative' use of a GC extended to script non-graphical attributes as well as physical elements. But Bentley seems to have dropped that ball too. Acquisition of Hevacomp is NOT it!

Now, I'd draw attention to Rob Snyder, if everyone doesn't already know; see Rob Snyder's Blog, and, and just look at! This is hot stuff, which if implimented would put Bentley way ahead and answer many of the present grumbles about the multiple fussy, undocumented, geek's-delight, unintegrated bolt-ons that has lately made MS into a fragmented, overweight dinosaur, while competitors race ahead in the useability stakes, for example

dominic SEAH said:
You mean like Revit? Revit DBLink? Revit Ideate BIMLink? etc etc

Mstn has tags, fields, Feature Solids / DDD's variable table, GC, AecoSIM has its DGS, F+P, PCS,PFB.... and they all don't talk to each other. To echo Emil, Bentley needs to round up all those little coders working in isolation and get them working on ONE 'parametric' platform for this stuff. They will probably need to knock up something like Revit's user-parameter-centred change management system... so that when something is changed somewhere... it gets 'revised instantly' elsewhere else. The change management system tests and marshals the updates centrally, and does not rely on each coder to 'manually' dictate the steps from their little module's perspective, which is the same as pre-ordaining that none of them will 'talk' to any other module or tool.

Revit even has a Dynamic Update scheme that organises how third party tools propagate their changes amongs themselves and the host platform.

Back to, about 14mins in, fantastically wonderful dynamic clipping, such as SpaceClaim and others already have.

Rob writes dense but clear stuff that crystalises what I've been longingly groping towards, or somehow hoped grandaddy MS/AECOsim would already have, when I re-bought-in a year ago.

Bentley pioneers amazing research vision but in the end delivers so little, too late.