install AECOsim


I’ve just installed the SS5 AECOsim building designer on a machine with a new installed win7 operating system (PC complete reformatted) . Everything installed fine, except AECOsim. Staring up works, until I get the message: Microsoft Visual Basic – License information for this component not found. You do not have an appropriate license to use this functionality in the design environment.

Then I can hit 20 times OK and AECOsim starts, after some commands, the message coms back, even so for closing the application.

I’ve uninstalled the complete installation, and reinstalled it, same result. (admin rights )

Again, with a preinstall for the older versions, no result

I’ve installed the MS Visual Studio (express) , reinstalled AECOsim, no result

What else can I do to make the application working, I am an experienced user, but I can’t find a solution for this issue.

Rik Roets