How many times a day does AECOsim crash for you?

Hey all, I need some serious help.

I am new to the Bentley infrastructure and having some major problems.

I have models supplied by our process engineers and our structural engineers. I have been shown how to create a project and reference these models.

I navigate with most of the references turned off.

Navigating the model takes an inordinate amount of time.

I get 20-40 crash/error report popups per day?

Where to I start to gain my sanity back?

  • Well it comes and goes.  Honestly.

    Usually I find the culprits that cause the crash or things just get fixed as I work.

    Refs off should help but I would say that my models are quite large and that is probably more of the issue.

    Try little tricks like running as an administrator.  Make sure things are broken down into chunks of data.  don't break them down just to break them down but there are logical ways that need to be broken down like.  Stairs, first floor, 2nd floor, roof, exterior walls, etc.

    If you find a file that repeatedly crashes then copy it and start deleting things until you find the culprit.  Or create a blank ad add stuff until it crashes.  Last project I had it was quick made trusses that the structural stuff wont make.

    When I made solids, clipped stuff and merged into one it started having problems in pdf and dwg creation

    So I remade the truss differently and everything is now better.

    remember that you are using someone else's file and they may not be made as well as yours.

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  • Thanks for the tips Eric,

    I have some fairly large files 1.2GB in total. I also have (what I thought) plenty of system resource.

    32GB RAM
    6GB Graphics Card
    New i7 Hexcore processor....

    I will try running as admin to see if that has an impact.

    I am unable to trim bits out of half of the files I'm recieving as they are i.dgn and locked down... I get a pop up often, something about 'Large Level Dictionaries', and have compressed to no avail. I assume that the i.dgn won't allow the removal of unused levels...

    anywho.... Back to the grindstone...

  • It is prudent to carefully, very carefully craft your reference file attachments so that nesting is controlled. If you've inherited files where folks haven't been careful then it is often worth the time to straighten the mess out before using the files. Setting nesting to noe or 1 is the way to go. Deeper nesting is inviting circular references. We use a series of master files which are nothing more than a file with references attached (think it as a view of the model files). Something on the order of MM_Arch.dgn, MM_Elec.dgn, MM_Stru, MM_Pipe.dgn, etc. As an example, when the architects attach the MM_Arch.dgn, the nest level is set to 1 so we can't circular reference. You can use Level Display Manager to turn them off an on as needed. Microstation seems to take care of nested references in at nest level 1 by automatically disallowing the file (look at Level Display Manager and you can see it isn't there), but does not control it in deeper levels of nesting. That's when trouble begins. When a new sub model is created it is added to the masters. So users need only attach a discipline master to have access to all the model files for the discipline. It is very important for folks to have a controlled method for reference file attachment for a given project or you will find yourself sitting watching ABD lock-up in limbo while it is in circular reference heck.

  • Hey Tom,

    As suggested above, the main perpetrators are .i.dgn so I have no control of nesting levels and the owner of the files suggested I set live nesting to 99 to ensure I don't miss any geometry.....

    I will keep pushing for them to evolve their inhouse practices, yet am not holding my breath.

    The project is quite complex

    This makes me hope that efficient practice is a priority.... Here's hoping...

  • When it gets to that point you should see that the HD has also maxed out and the whole system can get quite slow.

    Ustn since 1988
    SS4 - i7-3.45Ghz-16 Gb-250/1Tb/1Tb-Win8.1-64b

    Eric D. Milberger
    Architect + Master Planner + BIM

    Senior  Master Planner NASA - Marshall Space Flight Center

    The Milberger Architectural Group, llc

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