2-click tools

Hey all,

I have recently started using Bentley products (namely ABD) and have come from the Autodesk camp.

I am finding the 2-click nature of ABD rather frustrating. Sometimes click and hold - release works as I am used to. Sometimes the tools stays active as ABD is waiting for a second click.

Is there any way of turning off one or the other behaviour?

  • This is the way it has always worked. On the other hand, have you had a look at Workspace > Button Assignment

    In here you can define your own commands to a mouse button.

  • Hey Nasir,

    Thanks for your response.

    I had found button assignments, very helpful. What catches me however is the dual action. A single click will start a command that waits for a second click to finish the command. Click and drag awaits a release to finish the command.

    I will just have to get used to it!

  • By default, MS commands remain active until dismissed by some kind of click, whereas Acad commands are one-shot then automatically return to Select.

    Supposed to be able to make MS do it the one-shot way - Workspace>Preferences>Look and Feel>Single Click>Single-shot - but I can't make it work, makes no difference.

    Next best is Workspace>Preferences>Input>Allow ESC to stop current command - then a dab on Esc and you're back to Select.

  • It depends on the tool. For example the Trim to Intersection Tool requires a click click, yet the subtract solid requires extra click which is an "Accept" as it is waiting for you to add more objects to the subtraction, or not, as the case may be. Often the clue is in the prompts in the lower left hand corner. A tool like Connect forms as L Bisector does require the accept, and could probably be done like the Trim to Intersection, but it does help if you are in a busy model and accidentally clicked on the wrong wall, right click, before accept, will then select walls nearby until the right one is selected.

    Switching between applications does take some getting used to. What I do find is new users holding down the left mouse button a lot. Say when moving an object from point A to B. That  looks very painful. A single click > move > click will work. Another one, is the desire to select an object first then select the operation like move. If its a single object, select move then the object rather than select the Select tool, select the object, then the move tool.

    This is a test

  • If MS can be persuaded to routinely and painlessly return to Select after any previous command/operation, then Stuart's last 2 sentences have less force. If you're already in Select, then Select object then choose tool (noun>verb) must be the preferred option, involving no more clicks than Stuart's recommend verb>noun procedure. Especially as you can use the R click menu to choose the tool. And especially as noun>verb opens the door to doing the job by Handles. So those tools where noun>verb aren't possible, are a drag.