Boundaries showing for non-display references?

Is this expected behaviour?

When I turn on Boundary Display in some views I get


I have 30 or so references, all of which have display turned off.

What can I do to stop these from displaying?

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  • Your \prefs folder is defined by the configuration variable _USTN_HOMEPREFS and by default points to the C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Bentley\AECOsimBuildingDesigner\8.11\xxxxxxxx\prefs folder.  If you rename it at the prefs level, a new \prefs folder will be created and all preference files regenerated.

    Regarding configuration, the delivered datasets are what QA uses to test against so they're good to use as templates, adding custom content where appropriate; cells, catalogs, libraries, etc.  As a best practice it is recommended that you add your customizations via new files rather than modify the delivered versions - that way when you update to newer versions of ABD any changes Bentley has made to delivered files can be added without overwriting those customizations.

    Beyond that... To some extent I'd imagine "properly" is in the eye if the beholder. You're likely to get different answers from different people when it comes to how to best configured a workspace.   I've seen everything from our delivered workspaces with a few added files, to workspaces that change the entire folder structure and naming conventions... and just about everything in between.   :)

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