Part L error - "At least 1 Zone needed"

Trying to create an EPC/SBEM certificate however an error pops up saying "At least 1 Zone needed." Version v10.15.1.23

  • Created a new workplace and workset.
  • Imported the DXF files and modelled the building ( Supermarket).
  • Did a copy of a few materials and changed their U-values for the project.

For the Part L calc, there are 3 zones which I've used and for each one a different HVAC system. I've created inputs for each one and when I've tried to run the EPC/results/compliance it comes up with the error message attached.

Throughout all this I have not encountered any error messages in notifications.

I've recreated the model in the same workplace however in a separate workset and the same error message displays.

Not sure what I've done wrong. How can I resolve this? 

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