Hevacomp to OpenBuildings - Transition update

This post is intended to offer clarity to Hevacomp users during the continuing transition to OpenBuildings.

Transition Progress

  • Design Database and Dynamic Simulation

    Design Database and Simulator functionality is now available within OpenBuildings Energy Simulator.  Dynamic Simulation, PartL, and Daylighting Simulation comes as standard with no additional licenses required. To get started using Energy Simulator just follow the steps here.

    OpenBuildings Update 9 is now available for download, and includes many new Energy Simulator features, such as a new roof setup modeller, PartL for Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, simplified HVAC interface to EnergyPlus, and many more items.

  • PartL approved - free training available

    OpenBuildings Energy Simulator is fully approved for use by the Energy Performance of Buildings Division of the Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government, and our Energy Assessor accreditation exams are fully accredited by CIBSE.

    Related PartL training is available for free on our LearnServer, along with online Energy Assessor exams -  for further details see our Energy Simulation Forum

  • Netsys Pipe and Duct sizing

    Pipe and Duct sizing will be available in OpenBuildings Designer as part of your OpenBuildings license, and duct Sizing is already available in OpenBuildings Designer. This has very similar workflows to Netsys, with single line tracing and connecting to outlets/inlets, and additionally, the ability to promote 3D.

    ompletion of the duct sizing is scheduled for Update 10, in which UK fittings will be added. Pipe sizing is due to follow in Update 11.

    If you are interested in what the Duct sizing looks like you can find videos below:  

Introduction to the Duct System Sizing and Analysis Utility in OpenBuildings Designer
Promoting a Single Line Model to 3D in OpenBuildings Designer

  • Hevacomp Electrical

    The first stages of the transition are in relation to the Simulation and Mechanical aspects of Hevacomp, so for electrical there is little change at this time.
  • For verification the following is understood with queries raised:-

    1. Design Database and Dynamic Simulation - now within OpenBuildings Energy Simulator. This is to be completed in Update 9 (currently Update 8). It's noted that "Online Help Manuals" are only at Update 7 if you follow link provided. Using F1 Key in Software is not specific or clear where the manuals actually are.

    2. Netsys Pipe and Duct sizing - Will be available and scheduled for completion in Update 10 (currently Update 8).

    3. Mechanical Design - No mention of this content. Is this due to be included at all or in another version of OpenBuildings?

    4. System Builder - No mention of this content. Is this due to be included at all or in another version of OpenBuildings?

    5. Hevacomp Electrical - Future inclusion. To be confirmed which/what Update. Will this include all aspects of Connect, Nimbus & Electrical Design components?

  • Hello Chris,

    Happy to clarify. To answer each question:

    1. Design Database and Dynamic Simulation - correct, now within OpenBuildings Energy Simulator. Thanks for letting us know about the manuals - I have updated the guidance on access them here, to reflect update 8. 

    2. Netsys Pipe and Duct sizing - correct, this is scheduled for update 10.

    3. Mechanical Design - Hevacomp should continue to be used for this.

    4. System Builder - This had not actually been supported or sold for quite some time! However, the aspects of promoting sized pipe/duct to 3D is included in the pipe/duct sizing in OpenBuildings.

    5. Hevacomp Electrical - Management is currently in discussion in relation to this. Note that aspects of Nimbus in relation to Daylighting calculations are already present in Energy Simulator (ie as here).

    Users continue to have a free entitlement to Hevacomp throughout to aid with the above. Hope that helps to clarify. 

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer


  • Thanks Shane - I'm sure you are aware of the upcoming changes to the building regs (AD L, AD F and AD O, plus others) that come into effect in England on 15th June 2022. So far (unless I've missed it) I have seen no mention of OpenBuildings being updated to take account of the new regulations. Can you assure all us OpenBuilding users that these changes will be written into the software and approved by the authorities by this date.

    Also, as there are transitional arrangements being implemented, it would seem that we will need two versions of the software to work concurrently in order to take into account the old 2013 regs and the new 2022 regs.


  • Hi Steve, thanks for flagging this - product management are aware and it is to be addressed in a special update (9.1). I haven't mentioned this yet to avoid any confusion! But it is indeed in the pipeline.

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer


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