PartL 2021 now available - OpenBuildings Update 9.1

The OpenBuildings product team recently announced the release of OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition, Update 9.1 (v10.09.01.38): 

OpenBuildings Designer CONNECT Edition, Update 9.1 (v10.09.01.38) - OpenBuildings | AECOsim | Speedikon Announcements - OpenBuildings | AECOsim | Speedikon - Bentley Communities

For OpenBuildings Energy Simulator, this update includes:

New Part L 2021 Regulations

A new Part L calculation is now available ahead of the regulations coming into force on the 15th June 2022. This can be accessed via the PartL dropdown:

Some of the changes to expect with Part L 2021 can be found here.

New CIBSE Gain Design data menu

An additional menu has been added to the CIBSE Gain calculation, to easily specify design conditions such as fresh air loads, and outside conditions:

Simplified HVAC system improvements

Many other items are also included, including several background fixes, changes and improvements. Update 9.1 can be installed as detailed here.