How do I "Show Floor Only" permanently without showing below/above floors after creating a room?


When I create a room on the first floor, the model refreshes and shows the surrounding room below and/or above. 

How do I prevent this from happening? 

Please see below for example.

Ground Floor Is created (Height - 0m-3.6m)

When I move onto the First Floor, it shows the below partition and rooms after I create a room on the first floor. (Height - 3.6-7.2)

See below.

First I select "Show floor Only" 

But after I create a room it shows the below rooms. 

How can I stop this as I don't want to select "Show floor only" after I create a room every single time. I only want to see the floor I'm working on.

When I'm working on massive projects it becomes quite an annoyance as sometimes I can't tell the difference between the DWG/DXF and the floor below including the partitions. 

I've changed display settings as well as creating my own to get around this however none of this works.

Any advise would be appreciated.


Amrit Bhambra

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