Zone Manager

Suggesting that the zone manager be reviewed.

Can we implement a change showing a rooms zone before potentially adding it to another zone.

I could have a hundred rooms split between 5 zones but every time I start a new zone in the manager it resets to show all rooms.

Is it possible to show only rooms which have not been previously selected or if they have been previously selected to have them colour coded or highlighted to show they are apart of a zone already.

For Example,

Room B008 is in Zone 1

When clicking on Zone 2, it will highlight room B008 showing that it has already been placed in zone 1.

Just a suggestion to help speed up processes.



  • Hi Amrit, 

    Many thanks for this - suggestions of improvements are always most welcome.

    In relation to your points, I would firstly just emphasise that the reason for this is that the zone manager allows you to enter a room into multiple zones. 

    This is so, you can group rooms via any criteria you wish -  HVAC / lighting type / occupancy type / aspect / etc. This is so the rooms can be grouped to assign design criteria, and also easily be selected to run simulations/calculations.

    Hope that gives some insight into the reason for this? I can of course still log your suggestions with development.

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer


  • Hi Shane,

    Thanks for the explanation.

    I believe the current format is sensible - could I suggest the addition of a filter option which shows the zones created as well as an option for no zone applied.

    This way I would be able to distinguish which room(s) are in which zone(s).

    My current issue is that having a large number of rooms means it is quite likely I may accidentally miss a room or put it in another zone.

    It would be much appreciated if you could log my suggestion.


  • Morning Amrit,

    Absolutely, I will take care of this now for you.

    Should you have any future suggestions or queries on other workflows just let us know.

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer