• Service Packs - Some people call them Updates

    Why do we need service packs?

    Software is generally supplied as an initial release. You can sometimes find this referred to as a point release.  What this means is that the software is usually the first proper good build. In its own right, it will be stable and will do the job intended. All software companies do this from Microsoft (with their Windows operating system and Office suite) all the way through other application…

  • Installations are complicated things!

    It's true! Installations are complicated things!

    Not only do they install the various programs and pieces of data onto your computer, but they may also modify the registry, put components into your Windows System folder, but they will also likely generate folders and populate these with control files, read your system information and ascertain whether you need extra components installed to run the software, and on…

  • Service packs are available!

    It pays to keep your Bentley Hevacomp V8i software up to date!

    There are a number of reasons why this is a great idea; Service packs/updates can contain:

    • New data items, such as device data
    • Regulation changes, such as the PART L regulation
    • In the rare case of an issue, modification will only be available through a service pack
    • New information valuable items such as the Wiki Viewer (coming soon!)

    We do try and…