• SP 24 and a brand new feature!

    The latest service pack - SP 24 - is now available for download. This pack contains updates for Design Simulation and Part L as well as the new WIKI viewer! Lighting ranges have been updated in Part L to incorporate LED lighting and Simulation has been updated to allow for more accurate atrium modelling for level 5 Part L calculations.

    You may also notice that the WIKI viewer has a small tool bar at the top left. This…

  • Bentley Hevacomp Content

    There is new Legrand Busbar content for Bentley Hevacomp on SELECTservices Downloads. This installation contains a Legrand busbar library for inclusion in Bentley Hevacomp’s Connect electrical design software. Products included in this installation:

    - LB Light Duty Lighting Busbar
    - HL Heavy Duty Lighting Busbar
    - SL Low Power Busbar
    - MS Low/Medium Power Busbar
    - MR Medium Power Busbar
    SCP High Power Busbar 

    To download…