• gbXML and Design Database - hints, tips and hang ups

    gbXML (Green Building XML) is a very useful format for transferring building models across a number of platforms. Bentley Hevacomp's Design Database contains a gbXML import that allows you to take advantage of this facility, but you should be aware there are some pitfalls that you should try and avoid.

    The import feature in Design Database can be found under the Utilies section:

     The Design Database option offers a…

  • New Bentley Hevacomp V26.06 is now available


    Bentley Hevacomp are please to announce the release of Version 26.06 of the Bentley Hevacomp software. This is a complete build of Version 26 and should be treated as a new installation, and not an update.

    Before downloading or installing please take careful note of the following:

    • Bentley Hevacomp Version 26.06 is not an update to previous  Version 26 installations, but is a complete new installation of the…