• Hevacomp PartL and XML files

    A recent SBEM update as of the 18th September has resulted in Hevacomp PartL being unable to produce XML files.

    A grace window, where both existing and new versions of SBEM could be used by energy assessors, was provided for by BRE in every previous update. No such grace window has been provided on this occasion.

    This is very unfortunate as it has directly coincided with the transition of Hevacomp to OpenBuildings. Thus, as Hevacomp…

  • Hevacomp capabilities in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

    While OpenBuildings Energy Simulator will be brand new software to many, there are numerous aspects that will be familiar to Hevacomp users, with a lot of the same properties and menus present, but now within a more intuitive, modernised interface.

    Whereas workflows in Hevacomp could often be rather segmented, OpenBuildings Energy Simulator enables a much more effective approach where relevant data is easily accessible…