Bentley Hevacomp V8i SS1 Update 5 now available for download

Hevacomp Update 5 can be downloaded as detailed here.

This incremental update addresses changes to the UK Part L SBEM and BRUKL engines for lodging EPC’s. Design Database interface to SBEM V5.3a is accredited for producing English, Welsh and Scottish EPCs and compliance checks and implements the 2016 revisions to the Jersey Part 11 requirements. Hevacomp Simulator (DSM) is accredited for producing English, Welsh EPCs and compliance checks and Scottish compliance checks only.

Many defects have been addressed to improve overall performance of various functionalities contained within the Hevacomp Suite of tools including option to import weather files in .epw and .csv formats. Hevacomp Simulator temperature frequency also includes TM52 summary of Criteria 1,2 and 3 for overheating.

This is an incremental update patch and should only to be installed over an existing installation of Hevacomp V8i SS1, it is not a full product installer. Please see here for full Hevacomp installation instructions.