Do not have administrator rights and cannot change UAC settings?

You may have noted that for the installation, update and activation process for Bentley Hevacomp V8i we strongly recommend that you are logged into your computer as the administrator and that UAC is turned all the way down (or turned off for Windows Vista) - these are best practices for these processes and it helps greatly if this is adhered to.

However, we are aware that some users will not be able to get administrator privileges for their computers - this could be due to company policy not allowing users this level of access, or if you have external IT support who aren't currently available in house, for example.

In most cases, internal or external IT can use remote access to your computer, and this can help provide a workaround for these requirements.

For example: When applying a new service pack/update to your installation you have found that a file cannot be overwritten or that a DLL is locked in memory from the last time the software was run.

First of all; as always when preparing to update your computer (either with a new program, or an update to an existing program) ensure that no ancillary programs are running. Close down all programs - especially the one you are trying to update! - the best way of doing this may be to shut down all of your applications then restart the computer. This ensures that the bare minimum of software is running on the computer and that anything that was locked in memory is now released.

If you have downloaded the update to anywhere else than your desktop then open up Windows Explorer and navigate to the location where your Service pack/update is stored.

Now you should right-click on the icon for the service pack/update. You should see a context menu appear. One of the items on the menu should be the option to "Run as administrator" - select this option.

From the next dialog that appears, you should be able to select the administrator account and your IT people can then securely enter the password to allow this program to run with elevated permissions. The extra permissions provided by this should allow the update program to ensure that all relevant files are updated as needed.