Hevacomp Content Pack 1 now available

Bentley Hevacomp are pleased to announce the release of Content Pack 1 for Hevacomp v26.

Upon the release of version 26.06 the Hevacomp installation came in two parts - the program installer and the content installer. This was so our Content Department could incorporate new content into Hevacomp more efficiently and to make it easier for users to keep up to date with the latest content available (previously separate installers were required for each manufacturer - all of this data is now in one single installer).

Many Content Requests from our users have been taken into consideration for Content Pack 1, with new devices including:

EMAX 2 + Ekip Dip ACB
EMAX 2 + Ekip Touch ACB

Loadstar - Miniature Circuit Breakers
Loadstar - RCBO
Polestar Compact - Miniature Circuit Breakers
Powerstar - Molded Case Circuit Breakers
7T - Moulded Case Circuit Breaker

Miniature Circuit Breakers
RCBO Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Earth Leakage Circuit Breakers

Schneider (Merlin Gerin)
iC120 - Miniature Circuit Breakers

Miniature Circuit Breakers
Moulded Case Circuit Breakers
Beta MCBs Types 5SY/5SP
Beta MCBs Types 5SY6 0
Beta MCBs Types 5SJ4 UL/IEC
Beta MCBs Types 5SJ6/KS
Sentron 3VT + TM MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU LP MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU DP MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU MP MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU MPS MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU DPN MCCB
Sentron 3VT + ETU UP MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU10 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU12 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU20 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU22 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU30M MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU40 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + ETU42 MCCB
Sentron 3VL + TM MCCB
Sentron 3WL + ETU 15B ACB
Sentron 3WL + ETU 25B ACB
Sentron 3WL + ETU 27B ACB
Sentron 3WL + ETU 45B ACB
Sentron 3WL + ETU 76B ACB

NHX - Miniature Circuit Breakers
NH - Miniature Circuit Breakers
RCBO - Type NH
NH - Moulded Case Circuit Breaker
NHGGP - Moulded Case Circuit Breaker


Please note that the above is applicable to Hevacomp v26.06 only. You will not be able to apply Content Pack 1 to earlier versions of the software.

For download instructions for Version 26.06, see this document

For installation instructions for Version 26.06, see this document