Hevacomp capabilities in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator

While OpenBuildings Energy Simulator will be brand new software to many, there are numerous aspects that will be familiar to Hevacomp users, with a lot of the same properties and menus present, but now within a more intuitive, modernised interface.

Whereas workflows in Hevacomp could often be rather segmented, OpenBuildings Energy Simulator enables a much more effective approach where relevant data is easily accessible, and workflows are arranged in a more formulaic manner.

The Ribbon bar, for instance, groups all relevant tools required for each aspect of the building model.

Additionally, the Project tree makes building properties, room properties and each surface directly accessible.

This should make the learning curve comparatively slight, particularly for Hevacomp users. To assist with this there are QuickStart courses available on our LearnServer for free to our SELECT users.

Some of the above improvements can be seen in the following before-and-after comparisons:

CAD Input

Materials Manager


You can find step by step details showing how to install OpenBuildings Designer here.

For further details in relation to getting started using the software, including links to training and support, please refer to the FAQ document available here.


The above topics, and more, are discussed in depth in the free Special Interest Group Webinar session below:

SIG Workshop: OpenBuildings Designer – Hevacomp Functionality in OpenBuildings Energy Simulator