OpenBuildings for PartL Calculations

We are pleased to announce that the OpenBuildings Energy Simulator has been fully approved for PartL calculations in both England and Wales. 

To obtain the above priority build please log a Service Request here


Please note that this will be included as standard in OpenBuildings release update 8 in early 2021, and an OpenBuildings Energy Assessor exam will be available at that time.


For now, the priority build will allow existing Hevacomp users who have previously passed the Hevacomp Energy Assessor exam to import their existing Hevacomp projects directly into Energy Simulator to obtain EPC’s, Compliance documentation, and generate XML files for submission. For further guidance, please see OpenBuildings Energy Simulator: PartL Import from Hevacomp QuickStart. Energy Assessor competency certificates are available for this - if required please just let us know via Service Request.


Further resources on related workflows and troubleshooting can be found on the OpenBuildings Energy Simulator Wiki page.