Service Pack 9 - Latest SBEM

Bentley has just released Service Pack 9 for Hevacomp.

This release includes the latest CLG accredited version of the PartL calculations using SBEM v3.5.a.0 (Design Database, Quick EP Cert and Pro EP Cert) This also includes the latest version of Simulator, which is also CLG accredited for PartL and uses the EnergyPlus v4 simulation engine.

Many TR's (Trouble Reports) have been addressed, as usual, to improve overall performance of various functionalities contained within the Hevacomp Suite of tools.

To download this latest Service Pack, go to the Bentley Support Pages > Software downloads > Select Product: Hevacomp and download category: Enhancement and updates, search for the last 6 months, leave all else as default > Select Service Pack 8 > continue and follow the online steps for downloading.

Note: You only need Service Pack 8 as this includes all previously published Service Packs

Once downloaded, you can find the Service Pack under C:\Program Files\Bentley\downloads\. You will have to unzip the files to your Heva25 folder. To check where this is installed, right click onto the HevBanner icon and select properties. The Target location is where your Heva25 folder is located.

Service Pack 9 is a patch that needs only to be executed and installed over an existing installation of Hevacomp V8i and is not a full product installation. For full installation please refer to SELECT Downloads to locate Bentley Hevacomp V8i Prerequisites and Bentley Hevacomp V8i to install prior to latest service pack. Latest Service Pack contains all updates preceding it in earlier Service Pack releases.