The Interface - AECOsim Energy Simulator

AECOsim Energy Simulator is a new, full featured, graphic interface for building performance simulation.  Featured on its ribbon bar are tabs for entering project information on building simulation, and analysis of project components and systems, environmental conditions, and energy performance.

The Home Tab: This is where the various aspects of the project with regard to project components are entered.  Project Floors, roof configuration, trace floor shapes from DGN models or DWG/DXF files. Walls, windows, fin structure data (shading confidents) and surfaces components can be added or deleted.

The Data Managers Tab:  This is where information is entered for the project.  Weather conditions, materials, fin data (interior or exterior building shading), schedules manager, and room types for all rooms in the project.

The  System Managers Tab: This is where the various rooms in your project can be grouped on a particular zone.  You can also assign that particular zone of rooms to be controlled by the HVAC unit located in a mechanical room, a ceiling cavity, or roof top.

The Calculations Tab: This is where the various calculation methods are carried out.  Included are Ashrae calculation methods for the U.S., and for U.K. users there is the CIBSE method.

The View Tab:  This is where AECOsim Energy Simulator combines multiple ways of accessing and viewing the building model: 2D/3D views and project tree.

For more information about this ground breaking innovation, please see the AECOsim Energy Simulator V8i (SELECT series 1) v08.11.07.103 Readme.