Version 26 is here!

The Bentley Hevacomp team are very pleased to announce the new release of Bentley Hevacomp. For the record, this officially goes by the name of Bentley Hevacomp V8i (v26)  but we're more than happy to call it v26.

There have been a number of changes and fixes in this release. A couple of the more notable being the inclusion of BS-EN 806-3 in the Netsys (pipe sizing) program, which now gives you two methods of specifying loading units for your outlets, and of course, there is the eagerly awaited update to the PartL calculation with the inclusion of the 2013 regulations in Design Database.

There are a couple of things to take note of:

For Netsys:

  • An existing (v25) Netsys project will be loaded with the BS:6700 method of specifying loading units selected. If you change this to BE-EN 806-3 then you will need to recalculate your project to see the new results

For Design Database/PartL:

  • Bentley Hevacomp V8i (v26) only contains the 2013 calculation method. If you need to run a 2010 (or even a 2006) PartL for any reason, then you will need to do this in v25. Bentley Hevacomp V8i (v25) and Bentley Hevacomp V8i (v26) can sit happily alongside each other on your computer with no issues.

Finally for Design Database users:

  • When changes such as introducing a new calculation method are made to the software, this also includes changes to the format of the project. As always, we allow older projects to be brought into the newer software, but we cannot then let the updated project be taken back into the older version of the software. The very first time you bring a v25 project into the v26 software a backup folder is created in your project folder called "Version 25 backup" - this contains a full copy of your project in its v25 state, so if needs be you can use this folder to create a master v25 project alongside your v26 project.