Windows 10 update 1803 - Advisory

The April Windows update (1803) has caused a great number of problems across the whole spectrum of software, including Bentley Hevacomp.

In some instances users are experiencing a "RUN TIME ERROR 91 - Object Variable or With Variable not set" - we have found that this is due to the user having their DESKTOP and DOCUMENTS folders mapped to a UNC path, or project folders stored on a UNC path. These paths are no longer automatically being discovered by the system and this breaks the project select dialog used in most of our programs. This can manifest itself on Design Database, Connect, Netsys and System Builder.

This can be resolved by either

  1. Follow the recommended methods described in this document
  2. Roll back the Windows update and wait for Microsoft to generate a fix
  3. Remap DESKTOP and DOCUMENTS back to the local drive and move project folders (not ideal) 

An interesting discussion on the cause and solution can be found in this TenForum discussion.