Windows 8 and .Net 3.5

With the redaction of Win XP and the partial withdrawel of Win 7 (still supported but not supplied on new computers anymore) you will likely have spotted that any new computers come with a pre-installation of Windows 8.  This new operating system - mostly designed to be used on touch screens - is essentially the same as Windows 7, but with some new graphical twists.

Windows 8 has not been short of controversy with the likes of the Start menu being removed (I understand that this has now been reintroduced with the latest Microsoft update for Windows 8) but one issue that is slightly more pressing was the removal of .Net 3.5.

Windows 8 is provided with .Net 4.5, but not 3.5. This is rather surprising as 4.5 is not a programatical update to 3.5 but contains different functions and doesn't carry all of 3.5 functionality.  To this end you may have difficulty installing software onto your new Windows 8 computer until you have updated it to include .Net framework 3.5.

The processes for applying .Net framwork 3.5 to Windows 8 can be found here