Different Floor Heights on the Same Floor

Hi there,

In my building on the ground floor there are certain areas that are four steps lower than others. Giving a difference in FFL of around 0.5m.

How would I create a different floor level within the same floor?



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  • So would this move the floor upwards rather than move the ceiling downwards?
  • Hi Kieran,

    In general, the most important geometrical factors to take into account to ensure accurate energy modelling of a room are:

    1 - Surfaces areas (partitions, exposed walls, windows, etc.)

    2 - Room volumes

    In this case, altering your room height is to ensure an accurate room volume. You simply need to adjust your room height in accordance with how much the floor rises/falls in the room. Take, for example, the simple section view of two adjacent rooms:

    This can be modelled in Hevacomp as follows:

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer


  • Hi Shane,

    I understand what you are saying as far as the important things considered to calculate heat loss is theroom volume and the surface area of different fabric.

    The building I am trying to create in Hevacomp has mainly exposed roof spaces. And because there is just one floor to this building but at different heights I have had to create a roof on one roof drawing, and then adjust the heights of all the separate parts by elevating individual edges.

    I have drawn the the roof pitches to the correct heights for the actual building, but this won't work with your suggestion above.

    Would you suggest to move the roof heights to the newly created room heights.

    I shall write a simple explanation below of what I mean:

    Part of the floor is at 0m - with a roof that starts at 3m - with a pitch up to 4.5m

    Another part of the floor is at 1.8m with a roof that starts at 5.32 above the 0m "finished floor level" - with a pitch up to 6.82.

    Obviously the roof space that I have created at the taller heights don't match up with the room heights.

    Would I just simply reduce the height of the pitch and roof to the height of the room rather than create the model of the building?

    Sorry for rambling I hope it makes sense.

  • Hi Kieran,

    This is really getting into project specific details at this point so I'm not sure that the forum is the most suitable place to discuss this further. I may also need to see your project to advise on the most appropriate design approach. I believe I have found your contact details on our database here so I will log a Service Request for you and you should receive an email shortly.

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer


  • Hi Shane,

    I have received two emails one welcoming me to bentley community and the other welcoming me to the online services.

    Neither with a service request link?