Different Floor Heights on the Same Floor

Hi there,

In my building on the ground floor there are certain areas that are four steps lower than others. Giving a difference in FFL of around 0.5m.

How would I create a different floor level within the same floor?



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  • Hi Kieran,

    In general, the most important geometrical factors to take into account to ensure accurate energy modelling of a room are:

    1 - Surfaces areas (partitions, exposed walls, windows, etc.)

    2 - Room volumes

    In this case, altering your room height is to ensure an accurate room volume. You simply need to adjust your room height in accordance with how much the floor rises/falls in the room. Take, for example, the simple section view of two adjacent rooms:

    This can be modelled in Hevacomp as follows:

    Shane Regan | Principle Building Performance Support Engineer