Does anyone have experience of modelling an air supported structure to ascertain the heat loss.

We have a project where our client is looking to provide a new air supported structure/ dome over an existing training pitch, the structure is to be heated and cooled as required. Can this be modelled using Hevacomp.  

  • Hi Colin,

    I have never come across this being modelled before. While this may be somewhat outside the scope of the intended use of the software, you may be able to model certain aspects with the use of workarounds.

    You should be able to enter the customised fabric information fairly easily to account for U-values etc, however the dome shape of the CAD model would be quite difficult. You may be able to approximate this by entering various roof sections and elevating them accordingly, however I would need to test the validity of this.

    If you can get the model set up accordingly I see no reason why basic heating and cooling loads could not be computed, however the pressure aspects will be outside the scope of the software.

    Shane Regan | Senior Building Performance Support Engineer