Hevacomp Netsy CWS Insufficient Pressure Error

Good morning,

I inputted a network MCWS system into Hevacomp using special outlets with a flow rate for each building. I set the pressure at source to 250kN/m2, with a minimum pressure drop at the outlets of 100kN/m2. The system ran fine, however since adjusting the pressure at source to 100-150kN/m2 the system didn't run. Therefore, I put the pressure back up to 250kN/m2 and the system now doesn't run at all. I have tried to up the pressure at source further (up to the maximum of 2000kN/m2) and reduce the minimum pressure at the outlets but still no luck. I have also tried deleting the outlets that are causing the issue and re drawing them in but that hasn't worked either. The system check hasn't flagged up any issues. Could you please advise what could be causing this and get back to me asap?

I can send the file over email to look at if this would help?

Many thanks,

Alex Rowe