Bently Hevacomp Simulator Package - Weather Data for Dublin, Ireland

Hi, I'm using the Bently Hevacomp Simulator Package for a building in Dublin, Ireland.

My understanding is that the TRY and DSY weather data files are not available for Dublin so I have 2 questions :

1)  Is the nearest recommended site for similar weather data - Manchester ? . . . . I've gone ahead with this site.

2)  After purchasing and downloading the TRY , DSY-1, DSY-2 & DSY-3  files ,  when I open the 'Frequency Simulation' package the only Weather year I can see is the Manchester  TRY.epw . . see below.

Should I be able to see & change this to the DSY1 weather data in order to run cals for compliance checks with CIBSE TM 52 or does the software automatically utilise the DS1 weather Data ?

Appreciate any help with these queries - Thanks !!