Hevacomp to Open Building Designer


As a company we have been using Hevacomp for a long time now, as we understand the software will cease to be supported in the coming months. 

Our company operates in the Building Services Design sector, using the Hevacomp (mainly Netsys for system calculations and occasionally Design database building load calculations).

Is Open Building Designer able to produce the same calculations/assessments as Hevacomp?

We do have a Open Buildings Licence and I have been testing the software out, but I am unable to produce any ductwork/pipework calculations as I would have in Hevacomp. Are there any courses you may have to teach us how to use Open Buildings? 

Or should we stick with Hevacomp for the moment?

Thank you

  • Hi Abul,

    Many thanks for bringing this up - I would be happy to clarify for you and any other users. The important points are as follows:

    • OpenBuildings Energy Simulator  contains the capabilities of Design Database - now including Dynamic Simulation and Daylight Simulation as standard.

    • For Pipe and Duct sizing Netsys can continue to be used - this is already being developed and is scheduled for release in OpenBuildings Designer Update 10. (Update 9 will be coming in the final quarter of this year, and Update 10 early next year).

    To give you a little more insight, currently the vast majority of the duct work sizing capabilities have already been developed, with much the same workflows you will be used to present (i.e. tracing systems over floor plan via Single Line modelling and then sizing accordingly) - and in addition you can now promote the schematics to a full 3D duct model. Update 10 will incorporate UK fittings into this along with similar for pipe sizing, and specific training will be available at that time.


    So, for now, please continue to use Netsys and please note, to aid our users with the transition:

    • Existing Hevacomp users continue to have a free entitlement to Hevacomp as part of their OpenBuildings license

    • Product management have confirmed that Hevacomp remains fully supported into 2022, until the Netsys aspects above are available in OpenBuildings.


    I hope that helps to clarify. If you have any other questions just let us know.

    Shane Regan | Senior Building Performance Support Engineer