How to update the path of a whole module

I have a module with around 20 programs in it. I just found out that the path is not the correct one. I can update the path one program at the time but i don't think is very efficient. How can i re-point the module to the correct path and update all the paths at one??

  • The best way to do this type of update is to do a search & replace in files, using a text editor like Notepad ++. Please follow the instructions below:

    1. Download and install Notepad++ from, if you do not already have it installed.

    2. Make a back-up copy of the model which you are trying to update.

    3. Close the model if it is already open in CUBE.

    4. Open Notepad++ and go to Search >> Find in Files..

    5. In the 'Find in Files' dialog, enter :

    • existing text you would like to replace
    • new text to replace with
    • file filters where the search and replace should be done. File paths are stored in application and script files. The default extension for these files are *.app and *.s. Enter these extensions separated by a semi colon as shown in the screenshot below
    • Enter or navigate to the directory where the application and script files are stored. Only the application and script files in this directly will be updated.
    • Select 'Find in Files'. This should update the files with the new text. The status bar on the bottom of the dialog should show the number of instances of the text that were replaced.