Fibre Design Products

Hi Community, we are interesting in evaluating Bently for Fibre design but a bit unclear which products to download from the Store.

Do we need to get Microstation and Bently Map.

It also appears that the Bently Fibre and Inside Plant are separate products as well looking at the downloads page but they don't seem to appear in the store?? are these just separate install packages you add later. Appreciate the advice.

  • Hi Sven--I can help you with a link to the software download site, but I would like to share some information about our products with you first so that you can know for sure exactly what version of our software you would need. There are a variety of configurations of software available that would be needed for particular situations. Please email me directly at or .

    To answer your questions above...when you select the version of BentleyFiber you wish to install, SelectServices will also have the correct MicroStation version checked right below it, as a 'dependency' software.  It matters not which module you download, (i.e. BentleyFiber, BentleyISP, BentleyCoax)--each one of those contains the installation of all the BentleyCommunications software. In other words, when you install Fiber, you will also be installing InsidePlant. Also, as you install BentleyFiber, the correct version of BentleyMap is also installed with the Fiber (or ISP) installation. BentleyMap does not require a separate download or install.

    This software has to be installed with the correct version and configuration of Oracle, and though there is an extensive document detailing the installation procedure, it is recommended (especially for new users) that you contact our Technical Support to assist you in this first time installation. Contact us directly at the emails given above.


    Dan Gordon