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Best practices for posting questions on SYNCHRO Construction user forum

Before posting a question, you can check the FAQ and use the resources listed in this discussion to see if any of these resources can help.

When posting a question,

  • Describe the question clearly with steps and bullet points. Include all necessary information, product name and version, screenshots and sample files (small file size is preferred which means that trimming the unnecessary content would be very helpful). This helps forum users understand your question faster, and encourages them try to repeat what you want to achieve with the sample file provided, without investing too much time recreating the file. 
  • Please use Tags to reference the specific product and features mentioned in the post. For example, if the post is related to SYNCHRO Pro and Script, you could add both tags.

After a solution is provided to the question posted by you and you like the answer, you can:

  • Verify Answer so fellow users can benefit from the provided solution or answer in the future. 

  • Click "This helped me" to give your fellow user's answer a thumb up!