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Has anyone been able to successfully export a project animation from Synchro to Blender 2.9?

I have tried using the .fbx format but all the visibility keyframes and growth keyframes get lost upon import to blender. I know you can import the visibility keyframes through the fbx to use in 3DS Max; is it possible to get this to work with blender as well?

  • Can we can some insight from Bentley as to what format, schema, syntax, etc their implementation of FBX uses? Autodesk's Official FBX Converter tool was last updated in 2013 and seems to be completely incompatible with the FBX Synchro created.

  • Gary - is there an fbx that can be properly opened in Blender? One that is exported from other products that is not Pro or 4D Pro? We can then compare the fbx export from Pro VS the "correct" fbx with animation that can be opened in Blender. We've seen only a few requests before, but no user has provided an fbx that works with Blender. 

  • Jacqueline, since FBX is a proprietary closed source file format by Autodesk and Blender is a purely open source project, proper support using the official Autodesk FBX SDK (as I believe you use) will never happen. Instead some dedicated contributor has reverse engineered the file format a few years ago and they have a mostly working implementation.
    I was able to import this FBX file and see the animation working fine in Blender:
    (The textures didn't import, but that's not as important to me) According to a program I use to inspect FBXs this is FBXv7.5

  • Ultimately though, my goal is to get the animated FBX export from Synchro into Unreal Engine or TwinMotion while keeping the animation sequences I setup in Synchro. But in my experience so far, I have found NOTHING that will accept the animation integrated FBX from Synchro and maintain either the camera animation or the visibility transitions set up in Synchro. The issue with going directly into either of those is that Unreal Engine states on their website that they use the 2018 FBX format for importing which I think it too old to directly import Synchro's 2020 FBX format.

  • Alternatively, I'm trying to figure out what the purpose of the "animation export XML" file is that you can export along with other formats. THe only software I've seen that can take XMLs for animation purposes is 3DS Max, but the process of combining the static FBX and the XML animation file is very unclear.

    3ds MAX uses two different kinds of XML for different purposes
        XAF (XML Animation File) contains the animation data.
        XMM (XML Animation Map File) contains mapping information: how the incoming animation data is assigned to objects in the current scene.

  • Thanks for pointing out your ultimate goal. We do have integration with Unreal. Is this something that you can help Gary with? 

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