Coffee Corner: SYNCHRO - Control and Field PDF PlanSet Tools

Title: Coffee Corner: SYNCHRO - Control and Field PDF PlanSet Tools
Host/Presenters: Kerry Newbanks, Industry Solution Advisor, Bentley Systems Inc. and Dan Sheldon, Construction Solutions Engineer, Bentley Systems, Inc.

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This SYNCHRO Coffee Corner focuses on Control and Field PDF planset tools. Did you know that SYNCHRO Control and Field both have the ability to quickly view your PDF planset? For either the traditional 2D workflow or hybrid 3D and 2D workflows, managing your plans is valuable. Make it a point to learn more about these topics:
• Managing plan attributes, Disciplines, Revision, and Tags
• Geolocation of planset on mapping service
• PDF markups and creating an Issue/RFI directly from the markup

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  • Hi there I have a full Sychro 4d licence,. so that  I have synchro control,  I've been experimenting with some issues whit Synchro control,.

    I have around ten ( 10) projects working at the same time. this week when I log in to my account  I realized that the user that I created of them are gone ( disappear), and not only that I am not able to create a new user. So my question is: with one licence of synchro control how many people can work with me ( there are a limited of people that can i work with)


    Pedro Barahona 

    Syncroniza Spa